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The peninsula is less than 90km wide and 100km from north to south so exploring Istria requires a car.

If you are not taking your own car then pick up a rent-a-car at the airport. The three closest airports are between 30 minutes and 2 hours drive from our properties.

More practicalities

Where is Istria?

Where is Istria MapThe Istrian peninsula is still quite a secret place. Located between the Venice lagoon and the Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic it is incredibly easy to get to and explore.

Today 90% of Istrian territory belongs to Croatia, a very small part lies in Slovenia and a tiny part in Italy. Due to the centuries old wide-ranging Italian influence, stretching from the west coast to central Istria, most people are to this day bi-lingual, so road signs and place names are shown in Italian and Croatian.


The accommodation we have chosen is located in interior Istria - we want to let you in on the secrets of the hilltop towns and villages.